Shupar DewanHi there, this is Shupar. I am a professional photographer and passionate about turning this art into a solid business.  I bought my first DSLR  10 years ago to take holiday photos.  I started playing around with different camera settings, lights, flash and strobe and fell in love with Photography. The possibility of creativity was endless.  I spent countless hours learning photography techniques, retouching, lighting and color theory, etc.  I photographed a lot of people including friends and families. 

No matter how many hours I spent taking photos, how far I traveled,  how bad the weather was, and how long I stayed back at night retouching photos, I found out that I always had that intense desire for taking photos. I knew this was my true passion.

A couple of years ago, I finally decided to turn my hobby into a profession.  I wanted to do the thing that I truly loved and also generate the income to replace my 9 – 5 job.

  I set up my business, logo, website and purchased the necessary gears and equipment. I then started advertising, posting on socials, telling friends and families. I got a few bookings and a few got canceled. I was not getting enough bookings that I wanted. I began to wonder what was the reason behind it. I knew my photos were way better than other photographers in my local areas however they were booking photoshoot all the time but not me. 

After doing extensive research I found that my approach to photography marketing was WRONG.

First, I was focusing more on photography rather than marketing. Instead, I should have focused equally on photography and marketing skills which are absolutely important to sustain a business.

Secondly,  I was trying the WRONG marketing tools and techniques to promote my business.  I was wasting money on Facebook Ads and promoting to the wrong people who never appreciate my work. I got stuck and not sure what to do next.

One day I decided to focus completely on learning marketing. I took every marketing course that would relate to photography.  I learned how to leverage a Facebook group, how to create Facebook Ads that converts, how to grow Instagram followers, how to create an ideal customer persona, how to create an irresistible offer and many many marketing techniques that are required for a successful business.

I decided to put all the knowledge on this site so that it will benefit other photographers who are on the same boat as I was before. One great benefit of knowing these techniques is you will have the full confidence with your business no matter what the situation is.